We are RV part-timers that spend roughly 5 month’s a year exploring our great nation. We especially enjoy taking our 8-year-old grandson, Joshua, on long trips during extended school breaks.

Some of the regions we visit have very hard water, which causes scaling. A few months after we purchased our coach, we started to notice scale accumulation in our pipes, faucets and shower head. We did some research and bought a salt-based water softener. It mostly fixed the scale but… Keeping the salt container full, making sure we had a supply of salt, knowing salt is in our water and cleaning the softener was a pain in the behind.

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We looked for another option and ran into a gadget called Hydroflow. We liked the idea it was easy to install and did not use salt. However, we were pretty skeptical but tried it anyway since it came with a money back guarantee.

After a few weeks had passed, we noticed that our faucets were running clear and our glass shower door was free of streaks. There were some spots on our glassware and dishes. We called the folks at Hydroflow and they recommended we add a lemon-based rinse agent, which did the trick.

Bud and Bernice Rusk


Installation Video of a HydroFLOW HS38 device